• Education                                                                                          

    MA & MFA Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts

    2008-11: (MA) Art Theory, School of Art Theory and Communication

    2004-10: (MFA) Fine Art, School of Time-based media


    2018 FIFO, Marrickville Garage, AIRspace Projects, Curated by RAYGUN, Sydney, Australia

    2017 In Translation, Curated by Louise Lassen Iversen, RaygunLab, Toowoomba, Australia

    2017 Contribution, Hvidme Archive, by Annarosa Krøyer Holm, Miriam Haile and Sine Frejstrup, Meter, Copenhagen

    2017 Commissioned work, National Archives, Viborg

    2016 Commissioned work, National Archives, Odense 

    2016 "Project for a Re-volution in New York", Tompinks County Public Library, New York

    2015 Group Show"Polar Twins", Giv Rum, Copenhagen, Denmark 

    2015 Group show, "Polar Twins", City Link 2015, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

    2015 Soloshow, "A shiver shook her frame", NLHspace, Copenhagen, Denmark

    2014 Group show, "Vi tager intet ansvar/We take no responsibility", udstillingstedet Q, Copenhagen Denmark

    2014 Co-founder of Artist Run, International artist-run Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark 

    2014 Video Festival FOKUS 2014, Nikolaj Kunsthal 

    2013 Soloshow, "I wink, I blink, I close my eyes", RAYGUNLAB, Australia

    2013 Group show, "Perşembe Pazarı Projects", Caravansarai Art Space, Istanbul Turkey

    2013 Group show, "Victor, A, Judge William, Johannes (de silentio), Constantin, Vigilius, Nicolaus, Hilarius, Johannes (Climacus), H.H., Anti-Climacus et. al.", Fotografisk Center Copenhagen, Denmark   

    2013 Group show, MLAC - Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

    2012 Solo show, "Untitled", Caravansarai Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey


    2011 Co-founder of Organisation for Artistic and Curatorial Platforms, NLHspace

    2011 Nominated and recieved scholarship, Idella Foundation 2011

    2010-11 Organizer of exhibition series, “Global Lokalitet”, Gallery NLHspace, Copenhagen, Denmark 

    2010 Duo-show, “Black Curtains”, KOPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY ART WEEKEND, NLHspace, Copenhagen, Denmark

    2010 MA- show, “AFGANG”, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

    2010 Nominated and recevied scholarship, Maria Månson Scholarship 2010  

    2009 Exhibition Coordinator, Gallery Hammam Al Ayn, Centre for Jerusalem Studies, Al-Quds University, occupied East Jerusalem.

    2005-06 World Cinema DK, C:ntact, Betty Nansen Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark

    2005 Group show, Gallery Q, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of VIsual Arts

    2005 - 11 Annual exhibition, “Rundgang", Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts

    2005 Group show, “The Flag Project”, 254 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AA

    2005 Group show, Public Screening, Nørrebro, Copenhage, Denmark

    2005 Production assistant, Tv-Tv, non-profit broadcast station in Copenhagen, Denmark

    2005 Public Screenings, “Videodrrroome”, Copenhagen, Denmark 


    2015 Teaching, Kunsthøjskolen Ærø/ Art School Ærø

    2013-2015 AV Coordinator, Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, 

    2011 Organizer of professional relevent studytrip, Department of Theory and Communicaton, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. 

    2010-13 Art Host, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, DK

    2004 - 2006 Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Spring Exhibition 2004-06

    1999-01 Assistant, Film Editor, Zentropa Productions A/S